Season 1 of Hulu's teen drama "East Los High" aired on June 2, 2013 with 24 episodes. It centers around a group of latinas and latinos living in the East side of LA. Jessie Martinez is a virgin who falls for the star quarterback and winter formal king Jacob Aguilar. Just when things start heating up with Jacob, Jessie’s cousin, Maya comes to East LA and Jacob falls for her, but Maya gets mixed up with the wrong crowd, dealing and using drugs. Can Maya get her life back on track and win over Jacob, or will Jessie come out on top? Meanwhile, Jessie and her best friend, a fellow virgin, Soli decide to try out for the Bomb Squad, the school’s dance team lead by winter formal queen and Jacob’s ex- girlfriend Vanessa and her best friend Ceci. What kind of drama will go on will Jessie joins Bomb Squad and which girl will end up with Jacob? Watch “East Los High” to find out! No